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Amputee Football 2013

Have you ever heard 'Amputee Football'? In short, football for challenged person, but it is very powerful like normal sports.

Amputee football team consists of 7 person who lost legs or arms by accident etc. Though, it might have been originated in Brazil, it has been imported to Japan recently.

Field player consists of 6 person without aritificial leg, they kick and trap ball by just one leg with using stick which is called 'cratch'. They use stick to support their body and kick ball like pendulum. However, the field player must not handle the ball by stick. The person which lost his arm plays as goal keeper.

Please watch a movie. I believe you understand amputee football well.

It was amazing. Player runs! I think it is difficult for me to walk by using stick. Moreover, player tries to get ball each other and they are attacked by counterparty's player. The sounds of kick the ball is very serious and similar to normal football. I totally forgot it being played by challenged persons, I naturally boosted the players!


The games were played at 'Frontown Saginuma' where located next to nurserly school and there were several footsal court. The nearest station is Saginuma, Tokyu-Denen-Toshi-Line. Please use north exit at the station and turn right and go straight and down.

You can see big foundation stone when the train approachs Saginuma station. That is 'Frontown Saginuma'.

応援 選手

There were many supporters due to nice weather. Today, there was competition by 5 teams from Oita, Kanagawa, Osaka, etc.

There is national team of amputee football, and team joins international match.


There was advertisement by sponser and many local reporters who are related to participating team.

ふろん太くん 信ちゃん

'Furonta' was there. He is mascot of Kawasaki Frontale, one of professional football team in Japan. 'Shin-chan' is mascot of Shinkin bank.

ムートンルージュ プリン シュークリーム

There is nice sweets shop next to nurserly school, the name is 'Mouton Rouge'.I bought pudding and cream puff.

'Nice! Oink'

エビン 野菜カレー

We had indian curry at lunch. It has been smelling very good since we went to 'Frontown'. The name of restaurant is Yabin. The price of lunch was ¥650. Cheap and good. We can choose the level of spicy, and you can eat rice and nahn as much as you like.

I choose a little bit spicy one. It was very delicious, but it takes a little bit long to be deliverd at our table. I believe more than 10 minutes though just serve ingredient and roux.