Osechies Tale

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Traveling to Seto-uchi and Art; to Naoshima

A continuation.

I wake up in morning. Oh! it rains! We will plan to go around the Udon shop by retal bicycle. Shock!

Sanuki udon

We will go around Udon shops at the second time. :-) Previous time, I had eaten normal udon at station restaurant. That was a very expensive, ¥800! We will go a udon shop which I had experience previous error. However, today is rains. We couldn't rent a bicycle in rainy day. We will go a walk with umbrella.

I have a map of the Udon shops by tourist information by previous time. I check the shop information to open in morning. You should carefully go to the udon shop on Sunday. Because many shops close on Sunday.

We don't take breakfast at hotel for eating udon.

Tempura of lotus roots cooled noodle with hot soup Tempura of potato Tempura of long beens

We ate udon at three shops. We are K.O. Because we are light eater. Three udon shops are very delicious.

To Naoshima

We will go to Naoshima by Ferry from Takamatsu port.

Takamatsu tower Ferry

You can view Takamatsu tower from a way, Naoshima has a very unique island with arts. It take an hour to Naoshima.

in the ferry the deck Mamechan

There are many passenger in the ferry. I think more female than male. There are young group and etc and training and/or researching person?

Mamechan take a ferry at first time. “Sea is large, oink.”

Red pumpkin

We arrived at Miyano-Ura port in Naoshima. There is the Red Pumpkin in the port. There are starting arts from port. There is no pumpkin and temporary wating space at port by last time. Ferry terminal facility was newly constructed which was designed by SANAA.

The Benesse House

We go to the Benesse House by a pickup bus taking ten minutes.

Front of Bennese House Art on the front Art on the front

We arrived to the Benesse House. The time is earlier to check-in. We can proceed procedure pre-checking-in. We can use cloak for our bagage. This facilities were designed by Tadao Ando.

Let's go to Museum by a round bus for exclusive stayers. You can walking by a few minutes. But, we recommend to use a bus because route is an upslope.

displayed stones to round Big marble Breaked ship? light a neon

There are many arts in the Museum. Some arts were replaced by last time. The museum and other related facilities were designed by Tadao Ando. The museum has a amazing structure. You can watch arts by walking with losing way. If you visit at first time, I recommend to participate a tour for the museum.

We walked from the museum by downward slope. There are three guest facilities in the Benesse House. The left photo is the Park. and the right is the Beach. Both facilities are built by wood.

The Park
The Park
The Beach
The Beach

There is other one is the Oval on the hill connected to the museum. I don't know feeling of staying in the museum. You can look arts after closing the museum.

These are photos of the room of the Beach is large and well-lighted. I have stayed the Park. The size of room for the Beach has twice of the Park.

room#1 room#2 room#3 room#4
bath room closet sea beach

The bath room is large and well-lighted and closet is large.

We can view sea beach from room.

the lounge

You can take a free drinking for stayers at lounge in the Park. You can select sparkling wine.


restaurant sunset

I reserved restaurant at the museum for dinner. I feel amazing taking dinner at meseum, fine!

We had viewed sunset from cloudy to fine. I looked very nice viewing sunset on the Seto sea.

Tofu soup with Matsutake mashroom Konnyaku Yuba

Today, I reserved a dinner couse of Vegetables. Tofu, soup with Matsutake mashroom, Konnyaku, Yuba with dessert. Totally, I think delicious and helthly.

To be continued.