Osechies tale

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Traveling to Seto-uchi and Art; Naoshima

A cotinuation.

I had to take a lot of sleep. I am staying in Naoshima, today. I'm get up and take a shawer. I'm feeling hungry.

レストラン ビュッフェ 蒜山ヨーグルト

Let's go restaurant. It's a morning buffet. The resraurant is very comfortable. You can take a morning with nice viewing to the sea. The label is a cute for yogurt. It's a cow.

I don't know why I eat delicious any food when I was traveling. There are many kind of bread. I ate a lot of melon.

Take a walk

I'm full. Oh! I will take a fat if I don't take a excercise. Let's take a walk. There are many art, it's a nice excercise. :-)


Who do bite the pumpkin? “Oh! it's a hard, oink.” Of course, it's a hard. :-)

ラクダ おぢさんと犬 板 船 石

Hi! these are arts. I think very funny.


I looked arts around by the Benesse House. There are many arts in island. I will go to Honmura taking ten minutes by a bus. I will get off at Nokyo-Mae bus stop.

Many foreigner are visiting to Naoshima. Announcement in the bus are Japanese and English.

農協前 本村ラウンジ&アーカイブ

There are I-E project has six sight in Honmura area. Each sight needs to pay a fee. You can buy tickets at the Honmura Lounge & Archives in back to Nokyo. You can buy tickets at a tobacco shop near by Nokyo-Mae bus stop, too. Unfortunately, it rains. I looked a sight.


Long ago, Ishibashi family flourished by a salt manufacture. It reformed the Ishibashi house. The sight don't take photographs in the sight. There is a large picture named the Fall by Hiroshi Senju. It placed by The Standard 2 project in 2007. The project has been finished. The Fall only exhibited in the sight.

漁港 猫 路地

The town is small. You can look a fishing port and daily life. There is a cat in front of house gate.


This is a bus by town. The picture is the Sunao-Kun. The Sunao-Kun is a mascot of the town. The bus takes a flat rate of 100 yen. Many passengers ride a bus.


Dinner takes at the same restaurant by morning and lunch.

The menu has three course. I selected most fewer course. :-) Cheers! We took a sparkling wine. We had taken a half of bottled wine.

フォーク アピタイザー もぐもぐ メイン デザート

It is delicious. However, I don't love a pear with turmeric... I love a pear simply.

And I had a shocking. There was a well sommelier provided good wines in previous time. But, there are a fewer variety of wine and young sommelier. It became increasing young guest. Dinner menu and wine were changed for the guest.

The main of fish is a Mato-Dai, it is delicious. I difficulty ate a fish by knife and fork. ;-)

To be continued.